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It feels so weird not cursing or being extra in a blog title but this time I really want to make sure this message transcends so I’ll wait a while before I dig in and scare  some of my more conservative loves away. 

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So peep it, I was in Los Angeles earlier this week for a couple of reasons.  I recently co-authored a book with Greg S. Reid and a team of authors. It’s called Climb. It’s about a young man who’s basically trying to figure his shit out after college. Career wise, he’s a bit stumped but one thing’s for sure, he wants wealth and success. After consulting with a mentor he embarks on a journey in which he connects with a variety of experts who share some valuable insight and advice and I am one of those experts. I’ve read the book twice. I think it’s great and I’ll let y’all know once it’s available for purchase. 

Anyway, so I went to LA for the book signing and to attend an exclusive Entrepreneur event called Secret Knock.   I’ve wanted to attend for a couple of years now so I was really excited and looked forward to attending. Long story short, I made a lot of great connections and formed some new friendships with people I truly admire and respect. No bullshit. I’m talking Millionaires, Billionaires, Moguls, Olympians, an Astronaut. I can go on. Shit was crazy (in the best way). I mean I can’t even summarize it myself because I could go on  and on forever but check out this article by American Hat Makers and this article from Forbes about the surprise Live Video Interview with Edward Snowden if you want more specific details.

OK, so here’s what I want to really share with you. I am not a Millionaire (yet). I am not a Mogul (yet). I am a self-aware woman who is on a journey to greatness. I feel that there are a few things that I did during my time in LA that made people want to get to know me, talk to me and become associated with me and I am going to share these tips with you so that you can get your shit together. Being great and knowing that you’re great is one thing but stepping into your greatness and allowing your light to shine for others is a whole other ball game.

1.    Take pride in your appearance
I have in the past gone on record to say that I don’t care about being extra with my looks but luckily a very special person in my life has really inspired me to invest more time and attention when it comes to my beauty routine.

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Via @AdoreRome
·       Hair and makeup. Optional but for me I feel it is important to make sure my hair and makeup is on point. If you cannot afford to hire a Makeup Artist, figure out how to do your own makeup. If YouTube has not gotten you to a great level, then go to a makeup seminar or try to get a one on one class. Here are a few makeup artists I would like to recommend. Tatiana Ward, Renny Vasquez and Marissa Ross. Check them out and figure out a way to be flawless. As for hair, same thing be resourceful. I sometimes wear my hair straight and sometimes naturally curly. All hair textures can be beautiful. Just find the right style that fit’s your desired look and go for it. For you fellas, same thing. A fresh hair cut and or style can go a long way.

·       Skin Care. Again, optional but important.  This one can be very challenging but try to find a way to beautiful skin. Find a way to conceal blemishes etc.

·       Clothing. Doesn’t have to be expensive. Just wear shit that is figure flattering and fits your unique style. Make sure it’s clean and free of wrinkles. Add accessories that make you look like you got a couple of commas in your bank account. CZ’s, Cuff-links, Unique pieces. Figure it out. Check out fashion blogs, videos and magazines for inspiration.

·       Don’t eat or drink too much. Has nothing to do with weight but it has to do with appearance. Never give people an opportunity to form a negative opinion about you. Remember, you’re here to make connections. You can pig out and get wasted on any other day of the week.

In a nutshell, groom and present yourself like you give a fuck.

Before I move on I need to be very clear. I in no way judge anyone who prefers a low maintenance approach. I was that person and I still am that person on most days but the truth is that people are more likely to be interested in you if you look attractive and snazzy. This is a way to command attention.  It sucks but it’s the truth. Connecting with people is something that is very important to me and by embracing and showcasing my beauty I increase the probability of connecting. It is that simple. If I made you mad or if you disagree, comment or post about it. I love a bit of adversity.

Moving on.

2.    Be confident
·       Smile. Say hello. Ask questions. “Hi, Are you enjoying yourself?”, “Hi, my name is Roman and you are?” Do it with a smile.

·       Remember why you came and what you have of value to offer. Stay focused and find ways to share valuable facts about yourself in conversation without bragging or trying to make a sale.

·       Walk into every room like you own the joint.  Just do it. People will assume you’re someone of importance. Let them assume the best of you.

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Rooftop Party and Book Signing. Photo Courtesy of Greg Reid
·       Act like you belong. There’s a way to admire someone without seeming like “just a fan” or “spectator”.  Things to avoid: asking every affluent person for a photo and walking away without having a mutually interesting conversation with the individual. That person will automatically put you in the "fan" category where as if you have a friendly mutually interesting conversation with the person without asking for the photo, they may view you as a peer. Just sayin’. This worked out for me a lot. These are human beings that sometimes miss genuine connections with people and you came here to make connections right? Let’s act like it. 

·       Respect yourself. So far you’re beautiful and confident. They will see this before they get a chance to actually realize you are smart and have something great to offer. People will flirt with you. Just be cool.  Keep your fucking legs closed and focus on making and building valuable relationships with a smile. If someone crosses the line, check that shit with a smile. If you want me to share an example on how to politely check someone and demand respect with a smile, let me know and I’ll find a way to share this wit you all.

·       Avoid down talking yourself. If you down talk yourself, they’ll believe you. Let people form their own opinions based on what’s in front of them. “She’s beautiful, she’s confident, she’s smart and I would love to know more about her or work with her”.

3.    Know your shit
·       Do some research on some of the people that will be speaking at the event or attending the event.  Most of us take pride in what it is that we do and when another person acknowledges our work, it feels great. Do this with others. Now I am in no way advising you to stalk every person and sharing with them everything you have learned through research. Just look at this as a form of preparedness. Be prepared to have wonderful valuable conversations with people you truly admire and want to be connected with. Period.

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Secret Knock 2.0 in LA. Photo courtesy of The Umbrella Syndicate
·       Know your own shit. Know about your own business. Know about your own industry and market.  If you're Beautiful, Confident and Interesting people will ask you questions and you better know how to answer them.

4.    Be prepared for all good things
You’re worthy! Before I even made it to LA I already had a vision of myself speaking to everyone in the audience. There was no specific plan, I just thought to myself that this would be an awesome opportunity and should it present itself I am going for it! What will I say though? I refuse to be stumped so I figure it out in advance. By day 2 of the event it was unreasonable to expect that Greg would ask me to hop on stage for any reason but I managed to create the opportunity for him to give me the spotlight for a moment and when I did I shocked him and received a lot of positive feedback from the attendees. Stay ready for the best possibilities!

Another example: If someone comes up to you sharing exciting ideas or the news that they actually want to work with you, be cool and ready for that. Don’t bug the fuck out like a crazy person. Express thanks and that you would love to. Exchange information and maintain that confidence and focus.
Oh, and have some got damn business cards! You need to be prepared.

5.     Be Genuine and Kind
Don’t force yourself to start conversations or continue on in conversations that truly do not interest you. This time can be better spent with people who you consider meaningful. You should be open to talking to everyone and anyone but I’m just saying manage your time and conversations properly by spending it with people you genuinely find interesting.

Kindness can go a long way. If there is an opportunity to do something kind for someone and it will not set you back, just do it. Kindness is admirable and can go a long way. Only do it though if it is in your heart to do so. It can be as simple as giving someone something, thanking them or telling them that they did an awesome job or that you love their hair. Be kind.

All of this shit I shared with you is important and when combined can create a WOW factor. I mean you’d be surprised how much success you can have when interacting with others by using these techniques. 

I really hope this advice helps. If you think it’s all bullshit, that’s cool too. It works for me!  Haha

P.S. If anyone I met in LA is reading this and we have made a connection I am extremely thankful. Thank You for being part of a life changing experience. Sending you my love.

Take Care,


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