About Rome

My name is Sarah Roman but you can call me "Rome" if you'd like. Writing a "Bio" in third person just doesn't feel organic to me anymore so let's just talk to each-other, cool? Well, you're probably here because we have met recently or maybe you stumbled upon something I posted online and you want to know more about me so here's the deal. 

I am a chick in her 30's who's super focused on growing in every way possible. I am addicted to this growth because I have overcome a TON of hurdles in life. I'm talkin' going from stealing toilet paper and food to being “bad and boujee” (ha-ha I crack myself up). On a serious note though transformation is my thing and I am damn good at it. If you choose to maintain this connection with me you WILL LEARN more about the things I've things I have survived, conquered and built. Enough about me though; the truth is I that I very much enjoy REAL INTERACTION with REAL people. Through my work, I find joy in helping people get their SHIT together. It allows me to assign purpose and feel good about many of the terrible things I have been through. I also LOVE learning from others! We can all take a little something special away from each connection we make. 

Welcome, take a look around and don't forget that this connection isn't real until you link with me on social media! Jk (not really) Find me at @AdoreRome 

All the best (and I really mean it),



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